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  • A wealth of information is assembled here to help answer your questions about your mortgage there're helpful links related to loans, Realtors and trade organizations, as well as mortgage calculators. Use this section to help demystify the mortgage process.

  • Mortgage Calculators

    Choose a number of helpful mortgage calculators at the Corporate Investors website.

  • Realtors

    Thanks to my over 24 years of mortgage lending experience in the Triangle area, I know many of the Realtors in the area. Everybody is different, and it is crucial to have a trusted agent that that will work with you in a way that "fits" your style. I can match you up with an excellent Realtor whose principles of dedication to the client are consistent with mine. I have learned that the secret to a truly wonderful home buying experience is to create chemistry with both your mortgage officer and your Realtor. Understanding this simple, but critical, point allows me to maximize the experience for you and your family.

  • Other Financial Services

    My experience in the Triangle area also affords me the opportunity to know many other financial service providers. As the trusted advisor for my clients, I can refer you to an excellent and competent professional in all other financial service areas:

    • Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
    • Certified Financial Planners (CFP)
    • Business Brokerage and Valuation services
    • Insurance Agents for home, auto, health and life
    • Brokerage Services for Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds
    • Business Accounting and Bookkeeping services
    • Credit Counselors
    • Credit Repair Specialists
    • Personal Financial Counselors
    • Attorneys for all legal matters, including Trusts,Commercial Real Estate, Business and Contract Law, Taxation, Domestic and Litigation
    • Investment Advisory Services for Specialty Investments, such as speculation real estate, privately held companies, new venture businesses
  • Relocation

    Learn more about these subjects here.

    1. Relocation Considerations
    2. Top Ten Relocation Headaches
    3. Relocation Issues for Kids
    4. Home Buyer Checklist
    5. Select A Relo Professional
    6. Before You Relocate
    7. After You Relocate
    8. Moving Your Household
    9. Setting up the best Interim Housing
  • FHA Information

    Learn more about these subjects here:

    • FHA Mortgage Insurance
    • FHA Streamline Refinance
    • Down Payment Gifts
    • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
    • Refunds Ready on FHA Loans
    • Single Family Home Program
  • VA Information

    Learn more about these subjects here:

    • 5 Steps to a VA Loan
    • Eligibility Requirements
    • Eligibility Questions
    • Financing Benefits
    • VA Loan Purposes
    • Obtaining a VA Loan
    • VA Loan Costs
    • Restoration of Entitlement
    • Office Locations